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NEST Incorporated is a non-for-profit association, established in 2013 and run by a group of dedicated members and volunteers who have common ideas about humanity & charity. Our goal is to improve the social welfare of orphans, vulnerable children and youth in the socially and economically disadvantaged regions of the Balkans by providing support and resources that help their development and break the cycle of disadvantage. Our focus is to help children in need. This is achieved through numerous fundraising events, the main one being an annual amateur tennis tournament – the Australian Closed. Australian Closed is held every year around time when the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament is organised too. It is a fun family friendly event which gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a cultural and sporty week end, as well as a friendly tennis competition. We organise regular social and sports activities that are used for our charitable purpose. Our intention is to increase the number of people who participate in our charity actions and thus increase the contribution of helping children and youth in need. So far we have worked with a number of orphanages and humanitarian associations across Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia. Our goal is not to provide finances: we rather chose to assist by providing specific goods which are needed for a particular organization in need. We ensure that donations received are directed in the best possible way to help where the greatest need is by supporting vulnerable children and youth. We also organize two weekly activities: our Social Evenings on Tuesdays, and our Sports Evenings on Fridays. We are an inclusive organisation dedicated to encouraging all individuals and community members who share similar ideas and interests to participate in our various humanitarian activities. Because, together we achieve more. Our main force for achieving our charitable purpose is people in our community. We create a sustainable connection with our people through our ethical and passionate commitment to humanitarian work. Our activities are mostly based in North Sydney and Northern Beaches area of Sydney. Please see our website or facebook page to see more about our work or contact us.

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