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We are a Melbourne based organisation providing a range of innovative products and services and its overall objective of supporting the independence, social participation and wellbeing of people with limitations that prevent them from being the best they can be. Our consumers will find our service to be professional, friendly, responsive and relaxed. All this is to create a better harmony and understanding of your needs while promoting healing to all who need comfort through our own individualised brand of Happiness Therapy. Disability Services We specialise in providing a personalised service to people from non-English speaking backgrounds We also speak Malti, සිංහල, தமிழ், Tiếng Việt We take a holistic approach and concentrate on an individual's ability that contributes to a positive environment which can result in improving the quality of life for people with a disability, their families and carers. Therapeutic Supports We can assist you to gain skills and improve independence related to identified needs in areas such as language and communication, personal care, mobility and movement, interpersonal interactions and community living to support positive changes in functioning, development and wellbeing. Domestic Assistance/Household Tasks House cleaning Garden maintenance Meal planning, preparation and cooking Banking and shopping Laundry/Linen services Assistance with using specialised equipment for household tasks Training in domestic tasks Assistive Products For Household Tasks Source and supply of aids and equipment that enables to undertake cooking, cleaning, washing, home maintenance and other household tasks.

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