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Why choose Get Organised Business Services?

Get Organised Business Services offers office administration services to individuals and businesses. What makes us unique is we write client profiles, routines and procedures for clients looking for a carer. These profiles outline the expectations of the client and their families along with the information required for a carer to provide the highest quality of care to their client that offers peace of mind to everyone involved. The profiles, procedures or routines can be for the care of a person with an injury requiring support after a hospital stay, or aged care and disability support, childcare, or even care for your fur babies. These profiles can often also identify things that could be used when discussing a client's NDIS plan. This could involve goals a person is wanting to achieve, challenges a client is currently facing and the current supports in place to manage those challenges, changes in a client's medical condition that have changed and can, therefore, change the type of services and aids that the client may require. Often, families and friends know valuable information about a client that enables a carer to provide that client with the best quality of service. Some examples of this may be: Activities the client likes to do or talk about. This helps breaking the ice when your a new carer. Triggers of behaviour. The client may not like crowds, is afraid of dogs, is a fussy eater, eats too quickly, etc. Communications styles. Whether a client is non-verbal or verbal, whether they have good receptive and expressive communication, what communication aids a client may be using, such a communication board, flash cards, Go-Talk devices etc. Transportation requirements. How mobile is the client? Can they easily get in and out of a car? Do they use a walking stick, walking aids, wheelchair, and do they need to travel in their wheelchair in a wheelchair taxi? We put the pieces of the puzzle together so that everyone can see the bigger picture, thereby empowering our clients to thrive.

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